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And Void

"And Void"


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Release: May 2020
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And Void - And Void CD

Ethereal electronic project from Scott Fox (Ivardensphere) and Mika Goedrijk (This Morn Omina) Distortion is very happy to announce the signing of And Void. This amazing ethereal electronic project comes from well known tribal/industrial artists Ivardensphere (Scott Fox) and This Morn Omina (Mika Goedrijk). And Void brings together lush atmospheric soundscapes with the sultry vocals of Mari Kattman (Helix, Mari and the Ghost). Also lending his vocal talents to "Midnight Black" is Andy Deane (Bella Morte/The Rain Within). This downtempo masterpiece will see release May 22nd. Prepare to be blown away. -Joint project between Scott Fox (Ivardensphere) and Mika Goedrijk (This Morn Omina) -Features guest vocals from Mari Katmann (Helix, Mari and the Ghost), Andy Deane (Bella Morte and The Rain Within) and Jamie Blacker (ESA)
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1.Perchance To Dream
3.October Lullaby
4.La Condition Humaine (Feat. Jamie Blacker)
5.Midnight Black (Feat. Andy Deane)
6.Eclipse Phase Overture
7.Ideal Prey
9.The Sparrow Tree
10.Little Death