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Andi + Machino

"Parafernales (Limited Edition)"


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Release: July 2023
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Andi + Machino - Parafernales (Limited Edition) LP

The collaborative bi-coastal project between Andi (NYC) and Machino (LA) is dark, spiraling music that conflates the tension of running EBM basslines with the monstrosity of electro-saturated, industrialized beats. In 2021, Andi and Machino began sending music back and forth to each other virtually—thousands of miles apart—as they built upon their passion for creating off-the-cuff, dangerously degenerate dance tracks.

Parafernales, their first release out ...
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Label:Mannequin Records
1.Softly Softly
2.Secret Games
3.Surface Wound
4.Sneaking Suspicion
5.False Passion