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Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx

"Dimensionsbrecher (Limited Eco Pak)"


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Release: October 2022
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Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx - Dimensionsbrecher (Limited Eco Pak) CD

Limited Edition of 100 copies!!!

The musical frequent fliers Andreas Davids and Sven Phalanx have landed back and again in the home base of Infacted Recordings.On "Dimensionsbrecher" the two pay tribute to none other than Commander Perkins.This radio play series from 1976 was formative and laid the foundation for the great passion for sci-fi.So it's high time to revive childhood memories and embark on a musical journey again.
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1.Das Tor Zu Einer Anderen Welt 03:40
2.Mondbasis Delta-4 04:54
3.Spaceboy 04:08
4.Projekt Parsek-1 04:10
5.Cindy's Theme 05:19
6.Experiment 37880 05:06
7.Das Mittlere Auge 03:51
8.Energiekontakt 03:53
9.Das Geheimnis Der Ufos 04:02
10.Alpha-Alarm (Club Mix) 03:39
11.Raumschiffsfriedhof 04:13
12.Verschmolzene Dimensionen 05:03
13.Zeitparadoxon 04:13
14.Verschollen Im Wega-System 04:23
15.Sodom & Gomorrha 03:44
16.Frieden 04:29