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Andreas Dorau

"Ich bin der Eine von uns Beiden (Limited Vinyl)"


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Release: June 2022
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Andreas Dorau - Ich bin der Eine von uns Beiden (Limited Vinyl) LP

Re-release of the long deleted album, originally out on Mute Records in 2005. Re- release of this classic album, the first by Andreas Dorau after a long silence. It contains the hit ‘Kein Liebeslied’ (No Love Song) and many more classics. "IbdEvuB" should be a separation album of a special kind. It was recorded over 8 years of time - eight years of nerve-wracking tinkering that paid off. House, softrock, disco, glampop, put together into a dazzling whole by Andreas Dorau. Partly recorded and produced in the garage, partly in the legendary Can-Studios in Weilerswist. Contains classics like "Kein Liebeslied", "40 Frauen" and "Im September". Newly re-mastered reissue!
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1.Im September
3.Schwarze Furchen
4.Kein Liebeslied
5.Die Besondere
6.Heut Kommt Er
7.Wir Sind Keine Freunde
8.40 Frauen
9.Zwei Hände Im Sand
10.Du Bist Nicht Wie Die Anderen
11.Die Klette
12.Du Gehst Fremd