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Andrew King & Brown Sierra



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Release: 2010
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Andrew King & Brown Sierra - Thalassocracy CD

"Thalassocracy" consists of songs that Andrew King usually performs unaccompanied, mainly of a nautical theme. They were initially recorded as unaccompanied performances in late 2006, after which the Art group Brown Sierra constructed suitable arrangements for each song, from which they and King, in close collaboration, devised final arrangements over the subsequent 18 months.

This is an unashamedly album, ...
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InfraRot item number:2007.338
Label's catalogue number:epi05
1.HMS Advance
2.Nancy Of Yarmouth
3.Banks Of Green Willow
4.The Good Luck Ship
5.Polly On The Shore
6.HMS Resolution
7.Nelsonu2019s Death
8.HMS Audacious
9.The Captains Apprentice
10.The Dark Eyed Sailor
11.The Bold Princess Royal
12.The Bonnie Bunch Of Roses
13.HMS Defiant