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Anemone Tube

"Golden Temple"


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Release: 2016
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Anemone Tube - Golden Temple CD

anemone tube’s third release of the 'suicide series' tetralogy is an immersive industrial music album and the most ambitious and complex work yet, a long-term project of no less than 6 years, pursuing a highly sophisticated approach full of cross-cultural and historical references. painting a sonic landscape, 'golden temple' is perfectly real and dreamlike at the same time, endorsing archaic, mythological and worldly ideals alike. beauty and evil, the profane and chaos, apocalypse and hope - anemone tube keeps account and observes the antagonist forces of life.composed of raw urban field recordings collected in japan and china, combined with layers of piercing feedback and sinister hovering synth melodies, 'golden temple' confronts you with an all-embracing atmosphere of aggrieving darkness and glorious harshness, fathoming the possibilities of the genre. to ensure due impact, it has been sharply engineered to perfection by mastermind james plotkin.
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1.L`homme Et Les Sirenes
2.Apocalyptic Fantasy
3.Tower Of Evil (The Ultimate Truth)
4.Negation Of Myth
5.Sea Of Lights (Golden Temple)
6.Anthropocene - The Dark Abyss Of Time Arcadia
7.I, Death, Rule Even In Arcadia
8.Tojinbo - Tranquil Sea Of Equanimity (Anemone Tube & Dave Phillips Collaboration