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"Noehaem (Limited Clear Vinyl)"


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Release: December 2022
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Anenzephalia - Noehaem (Limited Clear Vinyl) LP

Tesco in cooperation with Zaetraom finally re-releasesAnenzephalia’s third 2003 album Noehaem for its 20th anniversary.This time with better printed cover, higher cardboard and vinyl quality.Limited vinyl press of 300 on classic black vinyl.Dark sounds from a nihilistic nowhere. Intense rhythmic structures mixed with well designed noise layers and sick noise terror.Strong arrangements which leave no space for hope.Definitly a milestone in Anenzephalia’s recording history.
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1.Noehaem I 2:46
2.Noehaem Ii 4:08
3.Noehaem Iii 5:09
4.Noehaem Iv 4:56
5.Noehaem V 2:52
6.Noehaem Vi 3:27
7.Noehaem Vii 5:02
8.Noehaem Viii 4:10
9.Noehaem Ix 4:50
10.Noehaem X 2:27