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Angelic Foe

"Oppressed By The Heavens"


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Release: September 2017
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Angelic Foe - Oppressed By The Heavens CD

Angelic Foe is the project of the Swedish singer Annmari Thim (Arcana), her music and lyrics leads you on melodic journeys through lands of mysticism and myths. The lyrics narrate tales of pantheons and demon worlds and the vocals blend seductive softness with soprano strength. The songs offer straightforward tunes, however shadowed with a somber veil, and the music entwines acoustic sounds with purposive rhythms and symphonic grandeur.

Digipak + 8 pages booklet, limited to 600. Heavenly. Neoclassical. Dark-atmospheric...
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1.Come Forth
2.Ardent Lily
3.The Charmer
4.Senoy, Sansenoy, Semangelof
5.The Serpent And Samael
6.Love Inflamed
7.Out Lilith
8.Crime Of Passion
9.Daughter Of Fortitude