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"Black Kingdom - Red Kingdom"


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Release: 2009
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Angelspit - Black Kingdom - Red Kingdom CD

Angelspit's long awaited "Blood Death Ivory" Remix album features 13 tracks from leading Electro/Industrial artists. A great deal of attention has been paid to aesthetics and visual production values which will become the feature of every release from Black Pill Red Pill. "Black Kingdom Red Kingdom" includes the remix disc, a CD inset and four 12cm x 65cm panoramic posters. The visual language behind Blood Death Ivory was reinterpreted and remixed within these graphic panoramas. Two of the posters are printed in Angelspit's signature red and two are printed in black. The CD wallet features deluxe spot UV printing on a matte laminated cardboard. This release is a visual and musical feast and is sure to satisfy any Angelspit fan.
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Label's catalogue number:bkrk01
1.Ill Kitty (Kmfdm Remix)
2.Jugular (Alec Empire Remix)
3.Grind (Ayria Remix)
4.Skinny Little Bitch (Implant Remix)
5.Girl Poison (Ego Likeness Remix)
6.Devilicious (Dave Foreman Remix)
7.Kill Kitty (The Mercy Cage Remix)
8.Skinny Little Bitch (V01d Remix)
9.Girl Poison (I:scintilla Remix)
10.Devilicious (A Is For Arsenic Remix)
11.Red (The Erektor Remix)
12.Shaved Monkey (Left Spine Down Remix)
13.Jugular (Baal Remix)