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Anne Clark



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Release: October 2020
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Anne Clark - Live CD + DVD

Anne Clark, British poet and Grand Dame of Dark Wave Electronic Music, performs live at the sold-out Frankfurter Hof venue in Mainz at the river rhine, Germany. Special packging re-issue of 116 minutes concert DVD, plus 77 minutes on CD! With powerful beats, intelligent electronics and Anne Clark's unmistakable poetry she delights the audience. She plays songs from the album "The Smallest Acts of Kindness" and of course the hits "Sleeper in Metropolis", "Our Darkness" and "Elegy for a Lost Summer".Often referred to as the female counterpart of artists like Nick Cave, John Cale or Tom Waits, Anne is known for her mix of lyrical chanting and innovative electronic sound. "Sleeper in Metropolis", "Our Darkness" and "Echoes remain forever" are her big hits, which have been driving fans onto the dance floor since the 80s. Independent of trends and marketing strategies of the music industry, Anne Clark has been developing her own unmistakable style for many years. What is her secret? The fusion of danceable electronic sounds, of intelligent arrangements with very personal lyrics!

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1.If 02 Homecoming
3.Elegy For A Lost Summer
4.The Hardest Heart
8.Off Grid
9.Counter Act
11.Sleeper In Metropolis
12.Prayer Before Birth
13.Augen Offen
14.Intro: Khoomei Scat
16.Full Moon
17.Boy Racing
18.Journey By Night
20.As Soon As I Get Home
21.Our Darkness