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"The Son"


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Release: 2014
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ANTIchildLEAGUE - The Son CD

A journey into ACL's birth and execution of the son ritual. Constructions and deconstructions of sounds, words into an empty space at times filled with abstract realities, at times with walls not easy to break. Reflections of controlling artificial machines, maintaining an upright position but then falling apart as nature commands ANTIchildLEAGUE (ACL) is the project of Gaya Donadio who is also known for promotion of her underground music live events and mail-order in London, under the banner of Hinoeuma the Malediction/Confession/Hagshadow. Born as an experimental DIY solo project in 1997 ACL has evolved into a wider range of sound constructions covering genres such as industrial noise, power electronics, ritual and rhythmic dark ambient electronics. "The Son " is part of 'The Father, Son and Holy Ghost' trilogy.
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Label:Old Europa Café
2.Collective Clowns
3.Born From Hell ..into Hell
4.Eagle Wind
5.Inri Immundus
6.Non Credo
7.Gia's Invocation
8.Stand Still
10.Fairy Tale