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Antlers Mulm

"Touring the Moon Bog"


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Release: 2016
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Antlers Mulm - Touring the Moon Bog CD

Five years passed after "The Age of Efficiency", the last regular album of Antlers Mulm. Started 14 years ago, Antlers Mulm is still haunting the spaces between electronica, electropop, idm, new wave and dance music, everything is still covered with pieces of whispering dirt, and textures of mostly bleached colours. leaves fall to feed the sprout... This release finds the producer hans johm a.k.a. mulma lonesome on the keys and pads. through the years he worked on many collaborations - we saw projects with Stephan Spreer of Llovespell (who is still his partner on stage and on their label SEA STATE), Andreas Wahnmann of Fir§t Law (The Viral Dread/TVD), Holger Wobker of Boytronic (Beachhead), a flash of the work with Frank Machau of Orplid (we hope for more to come...) and with D. Michaels of High Tide Technology. Antlers Mulm, often compared to Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark, the early Human League and Kraftwerk sails also in 2016 on a sea of silent joy, washed by distress and unfounded hope, everytime with an eye towards the sun. all the songs are about misunderstanding, longing and failing, sometimes separation. the Autarkeia edition of "Touring the Moon Bog" (the album was released by Sea State on tape in early 2016) comes with an additional unreleased track called "moonling".
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