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"Ad Astra"


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Release: February 2023
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Aphyxion - Ad Astra CD

Four years after their amazing album "Void", Aphyxion dive even deeper on their fourth studio album "Ad Astra": pain, spirituality, uncertainty, duality. What will we find behind the walls we can't tear down? Which elements are real? Which parts belong together or separate us? And will this wide open space full of stars become visible to us one day? The 5-piece band from Denmark lifts us all to a new level on their astral journey centered around a contemporary, inspiring metalcore sound. 11 is again the magic number of songs. They go hand in hand like siblings, with similar faces but a variety of expressions. With Siamese (DK), Immerse (UK) and their label mates Chaosbay (GER) they have three like-minded souls on board as feature guests.
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