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Apoptygma Berzerk

"Rocket Science (Limited TURQUOISE Vinyl)"


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Release: June 2020
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Apoptygma Berzerk - Rocket Science (Limited TURQUOISE Vinyl) LP

Limited Edition Of 700 copies!

For the first time EVER released on Vinyl! "Rocket Science" is the 2009 album from APOP, released on SONY/GUN Records, and it contains hits and fan favorites like "Weight of the World", "Asleep or Awake", "Green Queen", "Apollo (Live on your TV)" and last but not least, the live favorite, "Shadow".

Mastered for vinyl for the first time, and with a slightly redesigned cover.
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1.A1 Weight Of The World
2.A2 Apollo (Live On Your Tv)
3.A3 Asleep Or Awake?
4.A4 Incompatible
5.A5 United States Of Credit
6.A6 Shadow
7.B1 Green Queen
8.B2 Butterfly Defect
9.B3 The State Of Your Heart (Sh*t End Of The Deal)
10.B4 Rocket Calculator
11.B5 →
12.B6 Pitch Black/heat Death
13.B7 Black Versus White