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Release: 2011
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Architect - Upload Select Remix CD

Many significant things have taken place in Daniel Myer's career since consume adapt create was released: Architect was one of the headliners of 'Maschinenfest 2010' in Oberhausen/Germany besides Lingouf, ABS6, Iszoloscope, Niveau Zero and many others. He enthused audiences in the U.S. and europe while touring with Recoil, and also played in russia on a solo tour. He made a highly regarded remix of 'Behind The Wheel' by Depeche Mode and also three remixes for Recoil... this year was for sure the busiest one in Daniel's life.

During the last thirteen years ...
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InfraRot item number:2008.996
Label's catalogue number:y794
1.Fast Lane (Remix)
2.For You (Remix)
3.Pure (Remix)
4.Attack Ships On Fire (Remix)
5.The Beauty And The Beat (Remix)
6.For You (Remix)
7.Pure (Remix)
8.Attack Ships On Fire (Remix)
9.The Beauty And The Beat (Remix)
10.I Lost My 808 Remix)
11.Pure Remix)
12.The Shadow Of Eve (Remix)
13.The Bitch Is Back (Remix)
14.Wachsmuth (Remix)