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"Marching On To Victory"


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Release: 2011
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Arditi - Marching On To Victory CD

The original release of "Marching on to Victory" dates back to 2003. The legacy that one half of the project brought from his work with Puissance was fairly evident, yet the focus on his work as Arditi was not so much beautifuly orchestrated narrations of the apocalypse, but far grimmer depictions of the past centuries world conflicts. Field recordings and blurry speeches were incorporated into Arditi's compositions, adding a rather disturbing tone to the predominant military snare-drums, obscure symphonic arrangements and hypnotic soundscapes. The suffocating combination between martial classical arrangements and somber atmospheres would set Arditi's debut album as one of the bleakest releases on the Militaristic Neo-Classical movement that was starting to flourish at the time. "Marching on to Victory" is now made available again, in a deluxe Digipak release featuring 2 bonus tracks.
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Label's catalogue number:EQM015
1.1 Determination 5:47
2.2 Sturm V 4:42
3.3 Unity Of Blood 5:10
4.4 Marching On To Victory 2:23
5.5 Bless Our Arms 5:23
6.6 Sun Of Predappio 4:50
7.7 Holy Order 3:39
8.8 Militant Struggle 5:24
9.9 Sturm V (2006) 5:23
10.Divina Patria 1:36