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"Kooperation Und Freundschaft"



Release: 2012
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Argentum - Kooperation Und Freundschaft CD

The album features 19 tracks (74 mins) of all new material and comes in a hand-numbered limited edition of strictly 500 copies! Argentum have improved a lot since their previous album 'Salve Victoria' with the addition of new instruments and better equipment. Kooperation und Freundschaft is not only in higher sound quality, but the project also added more vocals and amazing acoustid guitars, sometimes reminding of the best moment in Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio or the first albums by Spiritual Front.

A very nice Neofolk album, that also features collaborations with Eldar, Igniis, Miguel Mazur and others (see tracklist below). An album that boasts beautiful acoustic neofolk with some ambient touches and captivating, rhythmic industrial parts.
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InfraRot item number:2010.478
Label's catalogue number:SLCD010-12
1.Lugar De Mi Identidad, No Existe (W/Miguel Mazur)
2.El Valor
4.Hoy Es La Revolución
5.Evola No Murió
6.Amigo Mio
7.La Verdad
8.Pulqui (W/Igniis)
9.Buen Gusto
10.Solsticio (W/Eldar)
11.Marcha De Los Restauradores (VII Batallon De La Muerte Cover)
12.El Suicidio
13.Pueblo Secreto (W/Miguel Mazur)
14.Patria O Muerte
15.En Gaza, En Palestina Ocupada
16.Hijos De Caín (W/Noiz-Tradamus)
17.Puiggros Y Zizek
18.Lejos Del Saber Humano (W/Arte Disfuncional)
19.AEGA (W/Triangular Ascension)