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"Salve Victoria (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Argentum - Salve Victoria (Limited Edition) CD + CDR

Box Edition: CD+bonus CDr (exclusive and unreleased remix), postcard and sticker within Cigar wooden box with golden angle closureCD (60min) comes with white tray and is hand-numbered and limited to 50 copies !

Info: fantastic new album from argentum, which offers neoclassic and melody, but still works through a variety and a lot of atmosphere and martial influences simply bombastic :) Bonus CDr with colabortion tracks from STRYDWOLF, HEILIGES LICHT & AREA BOMBARDEMENT -
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1.En Las Profundidades
3.La Patria Espiritual
5.Militia 06. Salve Victoria
7.El Sol, Nuestro Ideal
8.Malvinas Argentina
9.Las Mismas Aguas
10.Decision Soberania
11.El Futuro Es Nuestro
12.Crucero General Belgrano
13.Tierra O Mar
14.Don Juan Manuel
15.Como En El 73
16.Argentum - La Patria Espiritual (Area Bombardment Rmx)
17.Argentum - Salve Victoria (Strydwolf Rmx)
18.Argentum - Saturngnosis (Nuevo Ideal Nacional Rmx)
19.Argentum Feat. Heiliges Licht - Vom Zerfall (Based On Alquima)
20.Zr19.84 - Rusted Argentvm