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Arnaud Rebotini

"I Drive East (Limited Edition)"


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Release: January 2023
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Arnaud Rebotini - I Drive East (Limited Edition) LP

After his acclaimed EP "Shiny Black Leather" and a dream collaboration with Dario Argento for the soundtrack of his new film "Occhiali Neri", Maestro Arnaud Rebotini is back on Mannequin Records with a new 4-tracks EP "I Drive East".

For this new EP, Arnaud started working more on a song form, deeply inspired by his rock'n'roll roots. Having heroes like Suicide or Alien Sex Fiend in mind, he was able to create the perfect link between EBM and Industrial Rock. The final production was orchestrated diving deep into percussive drums and digital synthesizers, a mega hybrid of analog and digital, recalling back our favourite mid-80's productions.
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Label:Mannequin Records
1.I Drive East
2.The Spark In Her Eye
3.I Chose Hate
4.Death Rides A Horse