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Release: 2021
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Arogya - Genesis CD

With their third album “Genesis” Arogya from Northern India really rev up. Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) produces the album and adds the icing on the cake to the already naturally excellent sound of the quintet. “Genesis” deals thematically as well as musically with the story of creation: the past manifests itself in their exquisite synth-rock, which creates eighties nostalgia feeling, while hard metal dominates the present and a fine pinch of dark pop stands for the future. A true feast for the senses – from the sound anyway, but also visually, as the video of the first single release “Broken” proves. Visual Kei elements bring lightness that is even more playful to the colorful potpourri of Arogya’s sound worlds, reminiscent of early Zeromancer, with the glam of The Birthday Massacre and the poppy/rock elements of Skillet’s “Victourious” phase. The profound lyrics, which are shouted in a soulful clear voice, as well as in heavy metal style and evil grows, deal like life itself with love, pain, transience, hope, and the effort to escape the inner darkness. A possibility of catharsis offers “Genesis” lyrically for the mind and sound-wise for the body, which explains the band name that means “healer” in Sanskrit.
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1.Sky Afar
4.Lonely Night Descends
5.Dark World
6.Misery's Lair
9.Break Free