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"Tempus Est Iocundum"


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Release: 2012
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Arquelon - Tempus Est Iocundum CDR

Arquelon is a medieval neofolk music project that plays early music whit recreations of ancient instruments, born on April 2011, the band is formed for Ana Guerra and Rafael Parra both from La Derniere Attaque, and is inspired in the honour and the feels of the medieval times, the love of history is our most important inspiration, this album explores many regions, and you can find medieval lovesongs, beer songs, and religious songs. Listen it and fall in love with this music.

CD comes in jewel case and is limited and hand-numbered of 50 copies.
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InfraRot item number:2011.877
Label's catalogue number:SLCDR148-12
1.Tempus Est Iocundum
2.Ich Was Eint Chint So Wolgetan (Orig. Carmina Burana)
3.Ecce Mundi Gaudium
4.Veris Dulcis
5.Kyrie Eleison
6.Prendes I Garde
7.Rahelica Baila
8.Bache Bene Venies
9.El Rey De Francia
10.Omnia Sol Temperat