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Arsine Tibe

"Good Evening, The Mountain Said"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Arsine Tibe - Good Evening, The Mountain Said CD

Considering the present as the time in which we live, it seems that Arsine Tibé's world of sound is beyond the frame from here and now. Rhythms and psychedelic guitars ('light') meet a melancholy seriousness, while darkness fills the emptiness of a long-lost sense search ('darkness').

Jazzy elements ('dawn at night') are mixed with scenes from a bar in which the everyday life is running backwards ('maximum boy'). A female detective enters the scene, forced to put an end to the geometry of the crime ('death of a cube'). The philosophy of being faster and higher all the time enters a maze with no exit at all ('skyline - deep and dead') Arsine Tibé's album 'good evening, the mountain said' is an imaginary soundtrack that connects to the roots of life going deeper and deeper into the soil.

Seyhan, Tania Murray and Alex Braun (!distain) appear as guest singers and musicians. 'good evening, the mountain said ' has been produced by Fremann at lounge noire (with the exception of 'labeled models', produced by DJ Ram). Arsine Tibé is a solo-project of Manfred Thomaser, member of !distain.
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InfraRot item number:2010.023
Label's catalogue number:EZ11C758
1.Light (Feat. Tania Murray)
2.Darkness (Feat. Tania Murray & Alex Braun)
3.In My Room At Night
4.Dawn At Night (Feat. Tania Murray)
5.Maximum Boy
6.Death Of A Cube (Feat. Seyhan)
7.Labeled Models (Feat. !distain)
8.Skyline - Deep And Dead (Feat. Tania Murray)
9.At The Gates (Feat. Tania Murray)
10.Monumental Movement