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Art Fact

"Tape Works 1986-1993 (Limited Edition)"

3LP + T-Shirt

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Release: February 2023
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Art Fact - Tape Works 1986-1993 (Limited Edition) 3LP + T-Shirt

ART FACT from Stockholm / Sweden produced three cassettes between 1987 and 1992, which contains a special mix of melancholy electronic music and bouncy synth-pop in the vein of classic 80s Depeche Mode tunes. The three demos are for the first time ever collected on vinyl, in their full length, in a special limited release box by Vinyl on Demand, which lets you delve right into Art Fact's world as it was once meant to be. Three LPs, one for each original release: "In Fact", "Nowadays", and "The Nuclear Princess", with original artwork and photos from that time, now restored to shine brightly once again.
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
1.A1 Whom Are You Dancing For 02:47
2.A2 Payday 02:09
3.A3 Rain In The South 03:58
4.A4 I'm Jealous 03:24
5.A5 As You Say 04:21
6.A6 Shirt 02:06
7.B1 Dig A Hole For Me 04:04
8.B2 Problems 03:27
9.B3 Tell Me Why 03:24
10.B4 No, No, No 04:42
11.B5 The Dust On Your Floor 04:16
12.A1 Let's Make Story 03:05
13.A2 I'm Here 03:19
14.A3 Mind Controller 02:48
15.A4 Powerplant 03:36
16.A5 Main In Armour 04:07
17.A6 Stains 02:59
18.B1 Nowadays 03:12
19.B2 Get A Deal 03:32
20.B3 Welcome To Boredom 03:13
21.B4 The Initial Merge 01:13
22.B5 I Don't Mind 03:04
23.B6 Please Turn My Face Away 02:52
24.A1 A New Book 03:32
25.A2 Can You Believe? 03:19
26.A3 Speeding Up (Coming Nearer) 01:44
27.A4 Df 00:47
28.A5 Put Me To Sleep 03:05
29.A6 Dkw 03:37
30.A7 Separated Bodies 04:14
31.B1 ...and The Seasons Changed 03:47
32.B2 Drift 03:10
33.B3 Pain And Rage 03:19
34.B4 Lies 03:24
35.B5 Building 04:29
36.B6 Dandelion Puff 02:17