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As Lonely As Dave Bowman

"Monolith (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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As Lonely As Dave Bowman - Monolith (Limited Edition) CD

Limited edition of strictly 300 copies in DVD(over)-sized digipak! NOTE: There is a Deluxe edition in Plexiglass packaging (just like the previous album) which is NOT available from us!

A 73-minute electronic space music album from Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s founder (and PROJEKT owner), Sam osenthal. Dave Bowman is full-on electronic music inspired by Kubrick/ Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey: droning space, wordless drift with long suspended passages. Covering Bowman's journey to the Monolith near Jupiter, MONOLITH touches the edges of isolation and glacial solitude, with a discernible warm human core.
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1.Failure Of The Ae-35 Unit Radio Antenna 07:23
2.Moon-Skimmer 18:01
3.Manoeuvring Over The Jupiter Monolith 06:51
4.A Long, Dark Corridor Filled With Lights. A Memory And Then A Bright Room With A