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"Verdoppeln / Wiederholen (Limited Vinyl)"


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Release: 2021-10-22
Status: New release in 30 days
Ascii.Disko - Verdoppeln / Wiederholen (Limited Vinyl) LP

Limited first edition of 300 copies on WHITE Vinyl Ascii.Disko is BACK… After a break of almost 10 years, there is a new mini-album from one of the most legendary electronic music projects from Germany. Actually, originally there should have been just ONE new ASCII.DISKO track, specially produced for the video art short film „PORTADORAS QUEER: EL DOBLE Y LA REPETICIÓN“ by the Spanish artist Ana Laura Alaez, but Daniel Gerhard Holc, the DJ and producer behind the music project, experienced a creative boost that he has not had in this intensity since 2000. Over 20 new ASCII.DISKO tracks were created in a very short time, some with lyrics in German, English and Spanish. Intense, raw and hypnotic between techno, noise, no wave and EBM. And as a result more new releases by Ascii.Disko are in the pipeline and will be announced shortly! Ana Laura Alaez‘s video „PORTADORAS QUEER: EL DOBLE Y LA REPETICIÓN“ with the track STILLSTAND is nominated for BEST INTERNATIONAL MUSIC VIDEO at the MuVi International Award of the 67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.
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Label:Young & Cold
1.Stillstand 07:51
2.Asche 04:52
3.As Long As There Is Hate In Your Heart 06:58
4.So Young So Cold 05:41