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Ash Code

"Oblivion (US-Edition)"


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Release: April 2019
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Ash Code - Oblivion (US-Edition) LP

US-Edition of Ash Code's debut! Oblivion’ is Ash Code’s first LP, recorded in Italy during the summer of 2014. These tracks form the sum of the exciting first six months of the band. Ash Code shows here the unique blend it creates between dark wave & the post-punk of the early 80’s, rearranged and re-imagined through youthful modern sensibilities.
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1.A1 Void
2.A2 Waves With No Shores
3.A3 Dry Your Eyes
4.A4 Crucified
5.A5 Oblivion
6.A6 Unnecessary Songs
7.B1 Empty Room
8.B2 Drama
9.B3 Want
10.B4 North Bahnhof
11.B5 Oblivion (Minuit Machine Remix)