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Aslan Faction

"Sin-Drome of Separation"



Release: 2003
Status: Sold out
Aslan Faction - Sin-Drome of Separation CD

Finally available again, one of the most classic releases on NoiTekk. Aslan Faction was the common band from Anthony Mater (Tactical Sekt) and Lee Lauer (Killing Ophelia). With "Sin-Drome of Separation" Aslan Faction present an intelligent development of their unique sound they created on their debut album. With the tracks included on the EP Aslan Faction maintain their own style but innovate by processing new ideas. The track "Tight Grip", taken from the no longer available "Bring on the Dying" EP, represents this effort. All in all "Sin-Drome of Separation" offers six new tracks as well as remixes by Feindflug, Dioxyde, davaNtage, Slaave, Retrosic and C-Drone-Defect. Thematically, Aslan Faction also continue with "Sin-Drome Of Separation" where they opened with "Blunt Force Trauma". Motives of the so called "human" nature are unmasked in a threatening way and dressed in new, clear accusing words. "What we have is hell on Earth", not least because of mankind's outstanding skill to re-strict its own existence. Aslan Faction criticise this inherent be-haviour with the track "Soul Obstruction", amongst others, as well as with the design of their release being related to the East/West German history. While watch towers and barbed wire represented the imprisonment of a nation for more than 40 years, Aslan Faction uses them as a symbolic criticism of world-wide self-imposed mind enslavement.
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1.Hell On Earth
2.Soul Obstruction
3.Event Decay
4.Tight Grip
5.Weep For Me
6.Event Decay (Feindflug Remix)
7.Soul Obstruction (Dioxyde)
8.Hell On Earth (Davantage Remix)
9.Tight Grip (Slaave Desolation Remix)
10.Hell On Earth (Retrosic Remix)
11.Complication (C-drone-defect Remix)
12.Hell On Earth (Weapons Grade Edit)