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"Akoasma - Horror Vacui Live"


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Release: 2008
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ASP - Akoasma - Horror Vacui Live 2CD

ASP - this name stands for the most successful German Gothic Rock band and for a live experience par excellence. On stage this charismatic band manages to enchant their audience from the first instant and take them along on a fascinating journey to the band's emotional world. Whether ASP perform in a cosy club or on a big festival stage really makes no difference since the band is only content when every last person in the audience has fallen under their spell. ASP live and work according to the basic idea of independent music- in a positive way and against all odds: they rock, write and compose with passion and honesty! With their energetic and unprecedented rock show and great musical skill they break the records from tour to tour and manage to attract people of all ages and from all walks of life. Therefore the keenly anticipated and long demanded release of the first official live album "Akoasma - Horror Vacui Live" is more than overdue after the Best-Of-CD "Horror Vacui" and the accompanying Greatest Hits tour that was such a huge success. There is no getting around this new double album for everybody who treasures honest and intense rock music- and certainly not for fans who have always cherished ASP's music. They can look forward to 23 hit songs such as the tragic ballad "Und wir tanzten", the chart single "Ich bin ein wahrer Satan", "Krabat" from the latest album "Zaubererbruder" and, naturally, the mega hit "Ich will brennen", which blazingly reflects the motto of ASP's live show: ...until the last breath!This CD comes as digipak with partial brilliant varnish and an 28-pages booklet.
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2.How Far Would You Go
3.Schwarzer Schmetterling
6.Sing Child
8.Die Kleine Ballade
10.Sanctus Bendictus
12.Demon Love
14.Nie Mehr!
17.Ich Bin Ein Wahrer Satan
19.Schwarzes Blut
21.Finger Weg
22.Und Wir Tanzten
23.Ich Will Brennen