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"Live?Auf Rauen Pfaden"


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Release: 2016
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ASP - Live?Auf Rauen Pfaden 4CD

-Opulent hardback book (approx 19.5 x 14.3 cm) containing four CDs that are bursting to the seams!-CDs 1 and 2: 'Rar und Pur' (Rare and Pure) - Semi-acoustic and intimate-CDs 3 and 4: 'Best of Rock' - Powerful and earthy-Over 40 (!) different songs. 49 tracks, including stirring announcements from the 'Master'-Many songs in previously unreleased arrangements!-Nearly five hours' playing time, with absolutely all songs from the anniversary double shows!-Hand-numbered certificate, designed by Pit Hammann-Limited to 7000 copies-Lovingly designed artwork, 32 pages-Exclusive lyrics from the anniversary versions-Includes live photos, some of which are previously unpublished-Exquisite art print on high quality art paper-Front and rear endpapers, thick paper, printed in colour-All printed parts boast luxurious semi-matt lamination

In ten selected German cities, ...
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1.De Profundis (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
2.Aufbruchstimmung (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
3.Dancing (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
4.Wanderer (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
5.Hunger (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
6.Gedicht: Willkommen Zurück (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
7.Me (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
8.Coming Home (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
9.Sara (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
10.Ansage: Vom Yachtenschreiben (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
11.Varieté Obscur (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
12.I'm The One (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
13.Die Löcher In Der Menge (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
14.Carpe Noctem (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
15.Demon Love (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
16.How Far Would You Go? (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
17.Nie Mehr! (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
18.Ansage: Von Dinosauriern Und Schmetterlingen (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
19.Schwarzer Schmetterling (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
20.Ich Will Brennen (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
21.Possession (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
22.Ansage: Arsch Und Titten (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
23.Finger Weg! Finger! (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
24.Per Aspera Ad Aspera (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
25.Unverwandt (L.a.r.p. Rar & Pur)
26.Medley Kyrie/raserei/sanctus Benedictus/wer Sonst? (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
27.Weltunter (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
28.Eisige Wirklichkeit (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
29.Schwarzes Blut (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
30.Schwarz (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
31.Die Kreatur Mit Der Stählernen Maske (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
32.Ansage: Eeeoooh (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
33.Wechselbalg (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
34.Sing Child (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
35.Kokon (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
36.Ansage: Zum Fünfzehnten (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
37.Und Wir Tanzten (Ungeschickte Liebesbriefe) (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
38.Ansage: Seele (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
39.Weichen[T]Stellung (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
40.Ich Bin Ein Wahrer Satan (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
41.Sündige Heilige (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
42.Rücken An Rücken (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
43.Lykanthropie (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
44.Ansage: Geschenk (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
45.Werben (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
46.Per Aspera Ad Aspera (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
47.Die Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
48.Krabat (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)
49.Ich Will Brennen (L.a.r.p. Best Of Rock)