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"Zaubererbruder Live & Extended"

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Release: March 2019
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ASP - Zaubererbruder Live & Extended 2CD

The recording of the record tour 'Zaubererbruder live & extended' is now released as a live CD - The entire two and a half hours, during which concertgoers were able to join the band in revelling in their interpretations of the Krabat legend. Also included are the breathtaking new pieces 'Osternacht', 'Geh und heb dein Grab aus, mein Freund', 'Der Letzte (Krabat-Reprise)' and the reading 'Das andere Ende'. The full power of the rock band, plus the three guest musicians, was mixed with a great feel for the story by star producer Vincent Sorg (DIE TOTEN HOSEN, IN EXTREMO). Not only does the listener experience the pleasure of the concert, but also finds him or herself right in the middle of the gripping story that congenial compere Asp Spreng guides them through.

For the cover artwork, the band were able to recruit the original illustrator for the Krabat song cycle, meaning that Meran Karanitant's images round off this complete work of art.

Even after more than ten years, nobody will still be able to escape being cast under the spell of Krabat and his sorcerer brothers. Now it's time to experience the complete story. Again and again.
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3.Die Teufelsmühle
4.Denn Ich Bin Dein Meister
7.Elf Und Einer
8.Geh Und Heb Dein Grab Aus, Mein Freund
9.Mein Herz Erkennt Dich Immer
10.Verwandlungen I-Iii (Das Duell, Die List, Der Tod)
11.Ansage Zu Abschied
13.Der Schnitter Tod
14.Spottlied Auf Die Harten Wanderjahre
16.Der Geheimnisvolle Fremde (Ja, Ja, Dreimal Hurra!)
17.Der Letzte (Krabat Reprise)
18.Am Ende
19.Zwei Schwäne
20.Lesung: "das Andere Ende"
21.Die Untiefen
22.Nehmt Abschied/auld Lang Syne