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Release: October 2017
Status: Sold out
ASP - Zutiefst 2CD

- Hardcover digibook with 2 CDs- CD #1 contains the new studio album ZUTIEFST- CD #2 includes 14 bonus tracks, featuring:- The new ASP song 'Parole: Poesie!', in honour of German musician, songwriter, composer, actor and author Konstantin Wecker- The new ASP studio cover version of 'I Am a Rock' (Simon and Garfunkel)- The profoundly hair-raising live version of 'Souvenir, Souvenir' from the Intimus tour- A final sign of life from the band SPIELBANN, in the form of a stunning cover version of the ASP everblack 'Reflexionen', featuring the vocals of Nic Frost!- Ten of Asp's logbook entries on the evolution of ZUTIEFST read out by the man himself- 24 pages, fine art print on high-quality paper Includes complete profound album lyrics by gothic novel specialist Asp- Numbered with stylish silver foil blocking- Strictly limited to 9,999 copies worldwide

The essence of 'gothic novel ...
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1.Sturz (Intro)
2.20.000 Meilen
3.Zutiefst ...
7.Die Untiefen
8.Abyssus 1
12.Logbucheintrag: 20.000 Meilen
13.Logbucheintrag: Zutiefst ...
14.Logbucheintrag: Sonaarta
15.Logbucheintrag: Torpedos
16.Logbucheintrag: Leviathan
17.Logbucheintrag: Die Untiefen
18.Logbucheintrag: Abyssus 1
19.Logbucheintrag: Bernsteinmeerengel
20.Logbucheintrag: Mondscheinsirenade
21.Epi-Log: Sog
22.Parole: Poesie!
23.I Am A Rock
24.Souvenir, Souvenir (Intimus-Version, Live)
25.Reflexionen (Reflected By Spielbann)