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Assemblage 23

"Mourn (Limited Edition)"


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Release: September 2020
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Assemblage 23 - Mourn (Limited Edition) 2LP

Genre: EBM / Electronic / Industrial

Limited Edition double-Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve! Assemblage 23 - the one man project created by Tom Shear - combines genre-expanding electronics with intensely personal subject matter. The phenomenal new album “Mourn” is a standout in Assemblage 23's extensive catalog! Beyond the trappings of modern EBM & Industrial, “Mourn” seamlessly blends danceable electronics with intimate soul searching lyrics. A breathtaking album from one of the genre's best! The special Vinyl Edition features two tracks, NOT included on the regular CD!
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1.A1 Epiphany
2.A2 Factory
3.A3 Bloom
4.B1 Anxiety
5.B2 Confession
6.B3 Dissonance
7.C1 Welcome, Apocalypse
8.C2 Could’Ve
9.C3 Tragedy
10.D1 This House Is Empty
11.D2 Crescendo
12.D3 Black Dog