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Asylum Party

"The Grey Years Vol. 1"


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Release: 2016
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Asylum Party - The Grey Years Vol. 1 2CD

Genre/File under: New Wave, Post Punk, Cold Wave

The first part of this complete works edition, features the first mini-album ‘Picture One’ (1988, Asylum Yield) and the album ‘Borderline’ (1989, Lively Art) on CD1.

CD2 features the bonus-track of the CD-release ‘Borderline’ joined by 10 demo-tracks (incl. the legendary ‘Univers Clos’ demo), the instrumental version of ‘White Light’ and a live-track.
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2.Sweetness...of Pain
3.Before The Smile
4.White Light
5.Together In The Fall
6.Play Alone
7.The Sabbath
8.La Tourmente
9.First Days Of Winter
10.La Nuit
11.Better Days Ahead
14.Old Dreams Are Not Innocent
15.Call In Silence
16.The Wind Will Blow
19.Le Voyage Immobile
20.Nice Day Bad Day
21.Sadness Sweet Sadness
22.The Wind Will Blow (Remix)
23.Some Grey Mornings
24.Asylum Party
25.White Light (Instrumental)
26.Un Sang D'hier (Live)