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"Concerto No. 6"


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Release: 2009
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Ataraxia - Concerto No. 6 CD

After a long wait, finally "Concerto N. 6, a Baroque plaisanterie" CD (originally released in 1996) has been re-pressed in a beautiful digipak edition with digitally re-mastered sound and an exclusive bonus track recorded in 2009! It will contain 9 songs taken from the original album + "Orlando, a female" taken from the out of press "Orlando" EP + an Ataraxia's version of Franz Schubert's "Ave Maria".

"Concerto N. 6" was inspired ...
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1.Passaggio Lustrale (Larghetto)
2.Scarletminded Echoes (Romanza)
3.The Winds Of Carmini (Toccata Per Chitarra)
4.Belle Rose Porporine (Notturno)
5.Astore Serotina (Gagliarda)
6.Ticket To Ride (Madrigale)
7.La Bourgeoise Et La Noble (Arioso)
8.Maybe-o'-the Leaves (Gavotta)
9.Bleumarine (Forlane)
10.Dulcamara (Carrousel)
11.I'm Wind (Coda)
12.Lei Morra (Siciliana) [Live]
13.Maybe-o'-the Leaves (Gavotta) [Live]
14.Scarletminded Echoes (Romanza) [live]
15.Wide White Wave (Canticle) [live]