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"Paris Spleen (Re-release)"


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Release: 2015
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Ataraxia - Paris Spleen (Re-release) CD

Re-release of the Cold Meat Industry album from 2006, a crazy cabaret show! “Thanks to the sound of bandonéons, musettes, trombones, violins, big-drums and cymbals and the dramatic and guttural voice of our singer, we have sung Baudelaire who, in his turn, had sung Paris of the imaginative and under-privileged artists of Montmartre. This music brings back to life the grotesque, bitter and irriverent words of "Le Spleen de Paris"
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Label's catalogue number:cmi165
1.Bienvenue A L'Enfer
2.Ou Vont Les Chiens
3.N'Importe Ou
4.Mon Cher Toutou...
5.Le Marchand De Nuages
6.Le Saltimbanque Decrepit
7.Reine Des Hommes Aux Yeux Vertes
8.Tango Des-Astres
9.Longtemps Pierrette D'Orient
10.Oh Rhadamante
11.Petite Chanson Lycanthrope
12.A Votre Guise