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"The Chant of the Elementals (Limited GOLD Vinyl)"

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Release: September 2022
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Ataraxia - The Chant of the Elementals (Limited GOLD Vinyl) LP

The gold vinyl edition is accompanied by an artbook of sublime paintings by “Insetti Xilografi” and poetic writings by Francesca Nicoli, a passionate embrace of natural elements, mytho- logical and floral figures, magical and sensual words and worlds. All of this achieved thanks to the artistic skill of Nicolas Ramain, a highly talented graphic designer.

The new ATARAXIA album is a poetic race through the essence of the elements constantly inspired by the elemental spirits of nature to reach the athanor and embody the conjunctio oppositorum or alchemical marriage. From height to uterine abysses, between spirit and matter, enveloped by the liquid currents of Nevenhir, elemental spirit of water, nereid and siren. The sonic journey ends with an outro that catapults us back into the matter of the origins as renewed creatures. We are on an island in a primeval state, the singing of the hummingbirds, the bells, the wind and the words of power of the priestesses envelop us…
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1.Hlara Aralh
5.Ode Ad Afrodite
6.Ode A Dioniso
7.Aura Magi