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Atom TM

"HD+ Video Works"



Release: September 2022
Status: Sold out
Atom TM - HD+ Video Works DVD

»Hd+« Is A Data Dvd, Documenting Uwe Schmidt‘s Aka Atomtm‘s Visual Aesthetics For The First Time. The Conceptual Engagement With And The Critical Yet Diverting Examination Of Pop Music That‘s Always Delivered With A Twinkle In The Eye Is A Central Topic Of The Musician‘s Diverse Creative Work And Cer- Tainly Included In This Visual Presentation Of It. Together With The Second Remix Ep »Riding The Void« To Be Released This Summer, »Hd+« Marks The Provisional Completion Of Atomtm‘s »Hd« Cycle. Besides Tracks From The »Hd« Album (R-N147), The Video Collection Does As Well Contain Tracks From Other Atomtm Recordings Such As »Streuung«, Originally Released On »Winterreise« (R-N140), And Tracks Taken From External Releases Such As »Praezision«. In Order To Present The Video Material In High Resolution And At The Best Quality, No Special Format- Ting Was Used, But For Playing The Videos, The Following System Requirements Have To Be Met: Os: Mac Osx 10.5 Or Later, Windows 7 Or Later Processor: 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Or Faster Ram: Minimum 2 Gb Video Ram: Minimum 512 Mb Furthermore, We Have To Thank The Following People Who Helped Realizing This Complex Work:

Vector Rescanning Renderings: Nathan Jantz ...
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