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Atom TM

"Neuer Mensch"


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Release: September 2022
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Atom TM - Neuer Mensch CD

the continuously edited, autonomous piece of code as which atomTM defines itself enters the hot state of flow. »neuer mensch« (»new human«) is the relentless, visceral expression of metamorphosis. a projection of the metahuman horizon, an exercise in shedding the exoskeleton. dead tissue is being torn off in radical body movements. dead ideas are crushed by feet, dancing the dance of brutal elegance. somatic exorcism via hyper realistic surfaces of binary noise. physicality. unseen geometries dressed in the most basic of rhythmic patterns - simple structures of hidden symmetries. the false promise of linear progress as it shatters, hitting the barrier of sound. familiar vocal fragments speak to us in foreign tongues, languages still to be invented. indecipherable messages from another species - future faux amis. the seductive spell of artificiality and its inherent promise of tomorrow’s bliss. a soundtrack for all of you hi-tech vagabonds, you godless drifters, deprived of past and present. [text generated by x1n]
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1.Nix 07:26
2.Hartcode 06:58
3.Neuer Mensch 08:56
4.Sprechender Raum 07:20
5.Sex 06:16
6.Tanz 06:07
7.Rot 06:29
8.Rausch 06:21
9.Selbst 07:50
10.Wesen 05:59
11.Atem 06:02