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Atomic Neon

"Remember me"


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Release: 2018
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Atomic Neon - Remember me CD

For the past 10 years, Atomic Neon have established themselves as a household name among fans of Post-Punk, Wave and Goth-Rock throughout Europe. Though often compared to the likes of The Cure due to the melancholy-laden vocals of singer Rio Black, Atomic Neon have developed their very own remarkably original style based on a variety of influences. Guitar-driven, song-oriented harmonic structures paired with dark atmospheric orchestral soundscapes fit perfectly to the bleak yet passionately poetic lyrics of Rio Black. Full of bittersweet pain, pitch-black and at times beautifully sinister...such is the music of Atomic Neon! This diversity, their persisting sincere approach to dark, psychedelic music and numerous wellreceived live performances throughout Europe have earned Atomic Neon in their ten year anniversary 2017 much respect among fans around the globe.
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Label:Alice In
1.Blue Angel
2.One Prayer
3.Romy's Dead
4.Remember Me
5.Twist It
6.Not Real
8.Stranger Things
9.Keine Lügen
10.The Graves
11.Decay (Sinphonic)
12.Keine Lügen (Extended Edition)