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Atrax Morgue/Contagious Orgasm

"Forced Entry/N.C.W."


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Release: 2017
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Atrax Morgue/Contagious Orgasm - Forced Entry/N.C.W. CD

Re-release of the split tape released in 1996 on SSSM, the label owned by Hiroshi Hasimoto aka Contagious Orgasm, with the addition of two rare and exclusive tracks released on the "DIFT LABORATORY" tape compilation dated 1994 (also SSSM).

A unique document on Italian Extreme Industrial Power-Electronics by Marco Corbelli and the Japanese Dark-Ambient Industrial by Hiroshi Hashimoto. Cult release, first time EVER on CD! Re-mastered by Hiroshi Hashimoto. Cover re-worked from the original tape cover by Hashimoto.

"Dedicated to MARCO CORBELLI. We had first contacts around 1992. The cassette tapes he released were very attractive to me and a trade began. We participated in the compilation of each other's labels and we traded cassettes for a very long time. Marco is no longer with us but with this re-release I pray for what you are pleased with"

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Label:Old Europa Café
1.Miss Rosie's Favourite Penis Torture 10:45 (Track From The Dift Laboratory Compi
2.Forced Entry 6:18
3.Rape World 6:03
4.Rotten Humanity 6:52
5.Mm Product 11:08
6.New Clear Water 23:18 (Track From The Dift Laboratory Compilation)