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Atrax Morgue

"195 Melrose Av NW2 (+ Bonus)"


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Release: March 2021
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Atrax Morgue - 195 Melrose Av NW2 (+ Bonus) CD

That album was originally released in 1996 on SELF ABUSE Records as a limited Music Cassette.SELF ABUSE & OLD EUROPA CAFE are going to re-release such tape for the first time into CD for it's 25th anniversary.

Moreover, when looking through original tapes trying to find the master, Patrick (Self Abuse) found an extra cassette labeled "195 melrose Ave NW" with only 3 songs on one tape side, such tracks wasn't used for the release of the tape.Well, we are going to use such "unreleased tracks" as bonus for this CD re-release.Album is co-released with SELF ABUSE.

No need to describe with much words the style and the contents of this re-release as you all know Marco's sounds:be(a)st DEATH-INDUSTRIAL-NOISE by this Italian "cult" project.
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.Give Me A Corpse 5:14
2.Metalvibro 6:00
3.She's Dead [Now] 1:56
4.Cuntrazor 4:00
5.10000 Obsessions 4:19
6.Troubled Meat 2:49
7.Massacre À La Tronçonneuse 5:19
8.Blind Fury 3:48
9.After Murder 2:50
10.Crush My Cock 2:39
11.Beyond Pain 3:47
12.Ice Meat 4:51
13.White Lust 14:13
14.Killing For Company 9:51