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"Wrapped In The Guise Of My Friends"


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Release: September 2020
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Attrition - Wrapped In The Guise Of My Friends CD

"Attrition is opera, Attrition is experimentation of the highest order, Attrition is in a world all of their own, orbiting some strange star with an atmosphere of fear to breathe..."

3 decades of the music of Attrition, 4 years in the making, the album features interpretations of 17 of the most well known Attrition tracks, spanning 3 decades by bands from all over the world... With long established names in the industrial, gothic, metal and avante garde scenes standing side by side with the new wave...

Selected and mastered by mainman ...
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InfraRot item number:2010.926
Label:WTII Records
Label's catalogue number:WTII059
1.Nyarlathotep - Favourite Things
2.Murder Happens With En Esch - Which Hand?
3.Imprint - Reflections
4.Chiasm - A Girl Called Harmony
5.Stromkern - The Cage
6.My Silent Wake - Two Gods
7.High Blue Star - I Am Eternity
8.Machine In The Garden - Dreamsleep
9.Fluxussyndrom - A Great Design
10.Elephant Leaf - The Second Hand
11.Remora - Fusillade
12.Terrotimo - Kharb
13.Unwoman - Adam & Eva
14.Accolade - The Silent Mind
15.Patricia Wake - Fate Is Smiling
16.Protea - Into The Waves
17.Stoa - A Girl Called Harmony