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Aural Rage

"The Doctrine Of Maybeness"


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Release: June 2020
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Aural Rage - The Doctrine Of Maybeness 3CD

3 full length CDs in Deluxe 8-sided Digibook!

"The Doctrine of Maybeness" by Aural Rage is an anthology of the works of Danny Hyde’s Aural Rage project. Danny Hyde is an engineer, Programmer, producer, collaborator, remixer and co-conspirator of Coil, Nine Inch Nails, Psychic TV, Depeche Mode, and many others. A 15 year anniversary of musical adventure on 3CDs with all works assembled in one package: "A Nature of Nonsense", "Sinsemilla Dreams" and "Svay Pak" + unreleased bonus tracks.

One of the early sampling ...
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.Serial Flasher
2.Physics Is All Very Good
3.Fj Nettlefold
4.Unhealthy Red
5.No One Needs To Notice
6.A Nutter At Radio 3
7.Nasahara Arab
8.Make Room For The Mushrooms
9.Athletico Tortilla
10.Dubya Does One 11 Bats Alive
11.Hippy Cult Leader (Intro)
12.Why Not Sell Your Young (Shanghai Soap Opera Mix)
13.Whacked Right Out (Static Surgery Mix)
14.I Don’T Need That Deviant Sex (Calm Before The Porn Edit)
15.Fj Nettlefold (Radar Angels Mix)
16.Argento Meets The Skinheads (Black Zodiac Mix)
17.Why Not Sell Your Young (Transient Telephone Edit)
18.A Nutter At Radio Three (Novoxia Edit)
19.Fj Nettlefold (Mothman Mix)
20.Ode To The Deadzone (Dyslexic Messiah Mix)
21.A Nutter At Radio Null
22.No One Needs To Notice (Lavender + Roses Mix)
23.Chorus To The Disbeliver (Military Temples Mix)
24.Sinsemilla Dreams (Honey Hashish Mix)
25.Sky Control
26.My Childrens Hearts Are Bleeding
27.Ernio Achieves A Happy End
28.Stay Pak Soliloquy
29.Boom Boom Room Calls The Many
30.Deviant Sex
31.I'm A Steady Rollin Man
32.My Lily's So Sad09 Don't Get So Paranoid
33.The World's A Frightening Place