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Aurelio Voltaire

"Almost Human [re-release]"


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Release: 2018
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Aurelio Voltaire - Almost Human [re-release] CD

Voltaire's second album is now back in print for 2018 in new packaging. 4-panel digipak incl. 8-page lyric booklet.“The dark angel is back!!" (Sanctuary Magazine). On his year-2000 second album, "Voltaire takes apositively Goth subject matter approach, but the music and feel of the songs are decidedly cabaret /goth cabaret." (Lexicon Magazine)"Almost Human is clearly the work of a clever but twisted mind stuck somewhere between pop geniusand 18th Century lunatic minstrel." (Meltdown, UK) "Sort of like Morrissey, given a string quartet &cross bred with a bitter gothy version of Weird Al Yankovich, right down to the polka." (Dark Entries) On his debut, Voltaire satirized the concept of Evil and the many ways it manifests itself in the world.2 years later, Voltaire returned with a more lighthearted look at life from the perspective of God’sangelic cast-off, Lucifer, driven by pride to attempt the first failed coup in history.Singing in a deep, velvety croon with all the passion, sorrow and bitterness of a fallen angel, Voltairecrafted an album full of haunting Old World melodies and memorable pop tunes that you won’t beable to get out of your head without a guillotine.Spontaneously full of mirth and dark humor, Almost Human blurs the gap between the 18th and 21stcenturies. This is pop music for a parallel universe, where Morrissey is the Queen of England andelectricity was never discovered. Cleverly combining classical instruments with present-day songstructures, Voltaire’s New Wave band from the Victorian Era cavort through a cabaret suitable forthe most contemporary of dance floors.
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1.Out Of Reach
3.Feathery Wings
4.Almost Human
5.God Thinks
7.Dead Girls
9.Ringo No Uta
10.The Headless Waltz
11.Alchemy Mondays
12.The Last Word
13.The Night
14.El Barquito De Nuez