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Release: 2008
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Auto.Auto - Celeste CD

Face the facts: was there any release in the Electro-sector in the past years that really brought innovation and a breeze of fresh air to the scene? Most of the so-called "modern" acts kept recycling concepts that are known to be successful while the grey eminences either stayed straight in line with the sound they were renowned for or ventured into territories that were so far away from their roots that the fans were unwilling to follow. Two young talented guys from Sweden have now set out to do things a little differently and in many ways better: Auto-Auto. Left cold by current trends and removed from all conventional approaches, they are creating their very own vision of electronic Pop music that is refreshingly easy-going, highly club-compatible and pretty darn cool. Where others refrain from breaching certain barriers, Johan Hellqvist and Erik Frankel are plunging in head-first and are not afraid of incorporating rapped passages, analog minimalism and heart-warmingly nonsensical samples into their sound. They are masters of creating melodies that are catchy as hell without ever drifting into banality. In short: Auto-Auto are making Electro a one-of-a-kind experience, combining the lust for experimenting and an earnest approach to an addictive mixture. The smashing, hellishly dynamic sound was created by John Fryer (Depeche Mode, NIN.) Therefore: all you Electro-junkies, hardliners, diehards and dance aficionados, forget everything about the old scene norms and give this album a listen! Auto-Auto are rapidly expanding the sonic spectrum of the Out Of Line universe and are showing a brightly lit path into the future!
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Do You Need Some Space?
3.Empire Home
4.Russian Reflux
5.I Like It
6.Where The Buffalo Roam
10.Arm Yourself
11.Lazer Boom
12.The Pathetic Mr. Schneider