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"Digital Citizens"


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Release: 2015
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Autodafeh - Digital Citizens CD

This is the 5th album from AUTODAFEH since the start of 2008. The band describes the album as “Analogue bases, beckoning into a digital world”. This time they have gone back to the old synthesizers and drum machines from the 80’s and 90’s for inspiration and they are using this inspiration within their creative setup to form and blend into their current digital domain. ! !The band have always valued the process of recording electronic music, setting back from the time when synchronizing machines and Midi Time Code ruled the recording industry. They are happy to announce this 13 track album with great new songs, still with a rough hard beat and strong pumping basslines.!!

AUTODAFEH is still electronic music for body and mind..
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1.Game Of Life
2.Feeding The Flames
4.Digital Citizens
7.No Future
8.Information Society
9.No Shuffle (Front 242 Cover)
10.Ready To Go
11.High On Pain
12.Carpe Diem
13.Set Me Free