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Autumn Tears

"Colors Hidden Within The Gray"


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Release: May 2019
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Autumn Tears - Colors Hidden Within The Gray CD

After the highly acclaimed 2018 "The Origin of Sleep" teaser MCD and the „Convalescence” Retrospective album, AUTUMN TEARS finally returns with their first full length studio album in 11 years, "Colors hidden within The Gray".

The album features a full orchestral ensemble including ethnic instruments such as bagpipes, kamancheh and bansuri, as well as the amazing lead vocal talents of Irish singer / songwriter Brona McVittie, and former Rain fell Within lead vocalist Dawn Desiree Smith, known for her powerful, intense operatic vocal style.

Among the 30+ talented musicians featured will be again be veteran French horn player John Clark, harpist Tom Moth from Florence and the Machine, original Autumn Tears members (vocalist Jennifer Judd and woodwind player Terran Olson), and percussionist Matthias Borgh from Arcana (Swe).

The album was mastered by renowned German film composer Olaf Parusel, best known for his legendary neoclassical act STOA.The CD features a 16 page lyric booklet lavishly illustrated with paintings by Graszka Paulska
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1.A Pulse In The Celestial Sphere Part 1 - Astral Murmur
2.A Pulse In The Celestial Sphere Part 2 - A Stream Of Higher Consciousness Succes
3.A Pulse In The Celestial Sphere Part 3 - A Birth In The Aether
4.The Day Of Wrath
5.The Grieving
6.Rainlight Ascension
7.The Impressionist
10.In Remembrance
11.The Earth Song
12.Colors Hidden Within The Gray
13.What We Have Become
14.Another Day