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Avarice In Audio

"Apollo & Dionysus"


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Release: 2016
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Avarice In Audio - Apollo & Dionysus CD

In 2014 AVARICE IN AUDIO released the "Shine & Burn" album to positive acclaim, delivering us a potent combination in dark electronics and EDM infused influence, with Jade's hauntingly beautiful female voice and Gerry's almost devilish growls to form an unexpectedly delightful combination. Today, we are excited to unveil one of our hidden gems in AVARICE IN AUDIO's second album "Apollo & Dionysus", an album drenched in symbolic reference, high quality production value and raw emotions fused together to create something greater than the sum of their parts.With the music written and produced in conjunction between new band member and longtime collaborator Lawrie (STUDIO-X, CRYOGENIC ECHELON) and Ayax (ASCENSION EX, CRYOGENIC ECHELON), and with the lyrics written between Gerry and the guest collaborators, "Apollo & Dionysus" strongly confirms that the AVARICE IN AUDIO triumvirate have become an absolute force to be reckoned with on the underground electronic music scene!

More versatile and unpredictable than ...
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1.Glamour (Feat. Psy'aviah)
2.Her Fire
3.Anthracite Nights
4.Crystal Tears (Feat. Damasius Venys Of Mondträume)
5.Promise For Sale
6.Fire Is Enough
7.Juvenile Desires (Feat. Mr.kitty)
9.World Without Song (Feat. Chris Anderson)
10.Pater Noster
11.Six Feet Under
12.Heartstrings (Feat. Mixe1)
13.The Cassandra Complex (V.2016)