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Avarice In Audio

"Shine & Burn (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Avarice In Audio - Shine & Burn (Limited Edition) 2CD

Debut album from this recent signing from Australia blending Synthpop/EDM and Dark Electro.

Alfa Matrix has been using the catchline "Electronic Music With Attitude" as their main label slogan for years. Their recent signing from Australia, AVARICE IN AUDIO, are a band that truly embrace the Alfa Matrix mantra, and show expertise in their craft with a unique blend of Synthpop/EDM and Dark Electro stylings. Coming into their own on the successful lead single "Frostbite" released a few months earlier, the full length debut is here in the form of "Shine & Burn", a mixture of melodic trance and emotional aggression sure to set the world on fire: "Stars exist to Shine & Burn"...

Cold soundscapes, decadent baselines, romantic ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Feed The Addiction (Feat. Ascension Ex)
2.The Cassandra Complex
3.Bleed As One
4.Sleepwalking Societies V.2014 (Feat Redux)
6.Beyond My Control
8.Your Fool
9.Heartless Disaster (Feat. Xp8)
10.China White
12.Behind Your Mask (Feat. Mixe1)
13.The Cassandra Complex (C-Lekktor Remix)
14.Sleepwalking Societies (Iioioioii Remix)
15.Frostbite (Assemblage 23 Remix)
16.Heartless Disaster (∆Aimon Remix)
17.The Cassandra Complex (Abused By Nitronoise)
18.Sleepwalking Societies (Occupy Dreams Mix By Cease2Xist)
19.Frostbite (Studio-X Club Mix)
20.Heartless Disaster (Ruined By Ruinizer)
21.The Cassandra Complex (Scars Remix By Biomechanimal)
22.Sleepwalking Societies (Angeltheory Remix)
23.Frostbite (Revenant Cult Remix)
24.Heartless Disaster (Studio-X Remix)