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"Hearts For Bullets"


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Release: 2008
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Ayria - Hearts For Bullets CD

Ayria presents 12 hard hitting, tightly written and well produced tracks which still each manage to present a new style and side to the evolving Ayria sound. The bitter sweet approach of combining hard beats, dirty synths and soft vocal melodies makes it easy to understand why Ayria appeals to and pleases many audiences and has secured a devoted and wide spread fan base across the globe. Ayria's creator and mastermind, Canadian singer Jennifer Parkin, has become a true icon on the electronic scene with her unique music writing style, her personality and her Lolita meets Glam-punk image. Jennifer Parkin takes industrial-electro and makes it her own by mixing straight old-school synths while giving a nod to electro, EBM, and 80's new wave. "Hearts For Bullets" was produced in Canada by none other than Sebastian R. Komor. Ayria hits straight and hard with her sonic approach hanging between minimal electro and forceful EBM while never straying from the extremely feminine image of the project. Extravagant, provocative, bitchy and edgy, She finds her target somewhere between Nitzer Ebb, M.I.A., Miss Kittin and Ladytron.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Bad List
2.Insect Calm
3.The Gun Song
5.Analog Trash
6.1000 Transmissions
7.Suck It Up
8.Blue Alice
9.Hearts For Bullets
10.Six Seconds
11.My Poison
12.Girl On The Floor